Mitt “I-Lie” Romney

Mitt Romney is a douche with high ambitions of becoming president. In order to become president, Mitt must first mingle and make favorite with all the major finance corporations ( Top donor = Goldman Sachs), CHECK. Mitt then has to lie alot to become popular among the voters. CHECK

Mitt loves lying. He loves it so much he even lies about his own name. When CNN douchebag Wolf blitzer introduced himself with saying ” I’m Wolf blitzer, and yes Wolf is actually  my first name”, Mitt responded by saying “I’m Mitt Romney and yes, Wolf, that’s also my first name”. Wait a minute, Mitt. YOUR ACTUAL FIRST NAME IS WILLARD?! Why would someone lie about their first name?!

A testamente of his indecisiveness and double standards that gave him the notorious nickname “Flip-Flop” Romney below:

Mitt Romney would sign the NDAA-bill. Mitt Romney would most likely support SOPA/ACTA and so on. Mitt Romney would go to war with Iran. Mitt Romney would not make cuts in the budget. Mitt Romney would increase our national debth. Mitt Romney would change his mind way too often. Most importantly : MITT ROMNEY WOULD LOSE AGAINST OBAMA IN A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Why? Because they are basically the same person and they are controlled by the same corporations and special interest groups..


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