Drug Use

Why I believe at least marijuana should be decriminalized.

The usage of cannabis has – different from alcohol – no negative effects. Only abuse could have a negative effect on society.

I believe that a legalization of marijuana would NOT increase the usage of it and mainly just let people feel safer when smoking it. The reason I believe that the usage wouldn’t increase is that all who want to get their hands on marijuana already can, illegally.

So why should we legalize it then?

Because the tax money of the American people is going to policemen that should be focusing on real crimes
but instead runs around catching weed-smokers and prisons being filled with junkies that won’t change a bit in their opinion and won’t stop using or abusing drugs.

If marijuana was to be legalized, wouldn’t our streets be filled with pot smokers exploiting our children to passive smoking?

Like the regulation against drinking in public place, public smoking could be forbidden, leaving the smokers to use at home, without being criminals.

  1. The drug generally isn’t more harmful than alcohol or tobacco if used in moderation.
  2. Limiting the use of the drug intrudes on personal freedom.
  3. Legalization would mean a lower price; thus, related crimes (like theft) would be reduced.
  4. There are medical benefits such as the those for cancer patients.
  5. Street justice related to drug disputes would be reduced.
  6. It could be a source of additional tax revenues.
  7. Police and court resources would be freed up for more serious crimes.
  8. Drug dealers (including some terrorists) would lose most or all of their business.
  9. The FDA or others could regulate the quality and safety of drugs.
  10. Like sex, alcohol, or cigarettes, marijuana is one of life’s little pleasures for some people.
  11. Aside from recreational drug use, Cannabis has several industrial and commercial uses, as over 25,000 products can be made from the crop.
  12. Drug busts often trap young people in a flawed system that turns them into lifelong criminals.

Ron Paul describes the ” war on drugs” as being contra productive and the legalization of some milder substances, specifically marijuana could potentially be decriminalized but with a set of rules such as an age requirement, public banning as described above.

Ron Paul has no intentions of pushing for a legalization ofdrugs, although he wants to give the states power to decide the issues for themselves, constitutional -wise.

Ron Paul believes  in personal freedom.


6 Responses to Drug Use

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  2. Hi!
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  3. Nad Doumham says:

    This website appears to be orbiting the marijuana debate, but what libertarians (Ron Paul) also want is to legalize ALL kinds of drugs not just marijuana. What is your argument for legalization of harmful drugs such as cocaine and meth?

    Nad Doumham

    • ronpaultimes says:

      Hello Nad

      The argument, simply put, is that it is every man’s right to choose for himself whether or not he will use drugs. The idea with liberty is that you can do as you please as long as it does not intervene with anyone else’s liberty(there would be age requirements and drug-free areas, laws against driving under influence etc.). As long as you do not harm any fellow human being by intaking drugs, then you should be allowed to decide for yourself. Will the people who are anti-drugs and never tried them, suddenly start using drugs once they become legalized? It all comes down to your own morality, we feel. If you look upon all statistics, you come to the conclusion that prohibiton does not work, and therefore has no meaning to it other than making job opportunities for criminals.

      • Nad Doumham says:

        I am afraid that there are some vital holes in that argument. First is the phsycological phenomenon, cognitive dissonance. This can make usage of, for example, cocain to be labeled as a “cool” thing to do amongst teenagers, like smoking ciggarettes due to the euphoria that follows with cocaine use. This will make an individual, who is weak against group pressure, to become an involuntary victim of a horrible addiction. Also a vast majority of addicts who seek help, deeply regret their choices. We most protect them for the greater good. The reason why smokers smoke ciggarettes is because they don’t see the side-effects, but when they do get diagnosed with lung cancer they often suddenly show extreme remorse. Drugs are stupendously worse than ciggarettes and therefor should remain illegal.

        Another major hole is the effect on society. A person who falls into addiction is utterly useless for society and harms the economy. That person will become unproductive and unreliable.

        Nad Doumham

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