Ron Paul unelectable, really?…

” I just want to make sure we can get somebody who can go up against Barack Obama and not be chewed up by the political machine that’s going to have a billion dollars to spend on it…In order for someone to beat Barack Obama this year, they’re going to actually have to convince people who supported Barack Obama last time to support them. If you can’t come out of New Hampshire or any other primary state with the Republicans and also a whole lot of independents, than we’re not going to have an electable candidate at the end of the exercise.”

This fine quote came from Jon Huntsman who dropped out of the race and endorsed Mitt Romney. Of course in this quote right here, he’s talking about MITT ROMNEY. WTH?

If he would get the fair media coverage which he deserved, and gets some nice endorsements from the field, Dr. Paul will be the republican party’s man to top Barack Obama.

Those two things will never happen though, so the establishment is shitting in its own pants. ” We don’t want him, but we’ll sure lose without him”. But then again, the establishment fears neither Obama nor Romney, so for them, it’s probably all good either way.



Like two puppets on a string…

Think about it, who gets the independent votes? Ron Paul. Who gets the democrat anti-war votes? Ron Paul. Who could win in both Texas and California(huge delegate numbers)?  Who is the only real conservative defending small, limited government?


Plus, he has by far the greatest grassroots support and the movement is stronger and louder than anyone else’s. Now just imagine how the movement would get things going and how they can attract the rest after a few number one spots by Paul in the coming weeks. That’s all it takes to at least get some real recognition in the MSM , and then the momentum push. And then what? Probably more delegates for the dr. 😀

The GOP/FOX will be having a big crisis meeting after a possible victory in Maine on february 4th, when realizing their Status quo is under attack, the Ron Paul-movement that is.  This republican marathon has only just begun, and Paul is racing to the very end, so beware.


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