The Revolution is Here!

In case you’ve been following the primaries only on MSM TV ( meaning CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and so forth) you most probably have heard about how “Ron Paul is unelectable”. Or, you might not have heard about Ron Paul at all. The medias are doing their best to  misinform the american people about Dr. Paul. While they have done a good job on  misguiding and dumbing down the american people, things are now changing. People of the US have started to see through the biased media corporations with all their lies, thanks to the strong movement of RP-supporters who are doing their best to educate their fellow citizens on the real concept of freedom and individual liberty. Of course, none of this would be possible without the World Wide Web.  Imagine a presidential election in 2012, without the internet. Here is where people receive true knowledge and understanding. For sure, they won’t receive it by watching CNN/FOX’s filthy lies. CNN and Geography

Wow,  who knew Iraq was a central European country…

On this blog, we are making a stand for the ONLY ELECTABLE candidate in the Republican election, we are making a stand for individual liberty. The intellectual revolution has started, and it will continue to spread faster than Rick Santorum gets teary-eyed and red-faced in a debate, faster than Newt Gingrich cheats on his wife and even faster than Mitt Romney changes his policies.

For liberty, peace and prosperity:  VOTE RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT


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